What is the largest domestic cat breed? The residential felines that we know and also like today are all traditionally descended from African wildcats, and throughout centuries, pet cats have infected all corners of the globe and established themselves into unique type subsections and also classifications as a result.

Consequently, different breeds and kinds of pet cats all appear substantially different to each other, and have their very own one-of-a-kind traits of appearance and also character that are considered to be trademarks of the breed One of those characteristics is construct and dimension, and also you might be wondering which types of domestic felines are the feline titans, or the largest residential cats typically maintained as pet cats today.

We’ve done our homework to find out for you, so look into our checklist of the largest domestic pet cat breeds in the world, for those that are trying to find a feline pal that is larger than life!

Savannah cat

Coming in at primary is the Savannah cat, recognised to be the largest domestic feline breed on the whole. There is some conflict, nonetheless, regarding precisely how domestic the Savannah feline really is, as this type is a current development that happened from the crossing of residential felines (most frequently the Siamese) and the a Serval, an African wild pet cat.

This type of feline is fairly uncommon within the UK, and also is not yet acknowledged by the GCCF (The Governing Council of the Pet cat Fancy) although it is acknowledged as a type in its own right in the UNITED STATE. Those thinking about possessing a Savannah pet cat need to consider their distinct needs thoroughly before looking for a possible acquisition, and the RSPCA has actually expressed some worries as to the wide-roaming and also hunting nature of these pet cats and the impact they might carry the UK’s organic wild animals.

The dimension of the Savannah pet cat could differ substantially depending upon just how far removed the pet cat concerned is from the Serval side of its ancestry, but the largest pet cats of this breed can grow to around 30lb and around the dimension of a small dog.

Largest Domesticated Cat Breed

The Maine Coon is the largest domesticated cat breed that does not have a current ancestral connection to wild felines in the way that the Savannah cat does. They are personable and pleasant without being overly requiring, and could consider from 10-15lb for women and 15-25lb for males. They are additionally very long and high!

Below are the list of large domestic cat breeds:


The Chausie is extremely unusual within the UK, with some Chausie fans also going as far as France to locate Chausie kittycats for sale, when they are bred within the UK they normally attract a costs price and remain in fantastic need! They are an attractive looking feline with an appearance much like the jungle cats from whom they come down. Fourth generation and Chausie pet cats much more distantly gotten rid of from their wild ancestors are considered to be ideal for general domestic possession. The women Chausie can vary from 8-15lb in weight, while the males could rise to 22lb.


The Ragdoll is a huge, long haired pet cat with a sweet, calm character and also kind nature. They are rather less active and make an exceptional companion for quiet people that have great deals of time to dedicate to this caring feline! Females of the breed generally weigh from 10-15lb, with men reaching 15-20lb as requirement.

Extra Large Domestic Cat Breeds

Below are the list of extra large domestic cat breeds:


The Ragamuffin feline is associated with the Ragdoll, and also shares a number of the typical characteristics of the type. They are a strongly constructed type of pet cat with a thick muscle mass framework, which takes 4 to 5 years to fully develop. It could use up to 3 years old and even much longer for the Ragamuffin to reach their adult weight, which is around 10-15lb for women and also as high as 20lb for males.

Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a longhaired type coming from Norway, and one that is familiar with chilly, harsh climates! At first glimpse they show up similar to the Maine Coon breed, and are very popular both in Norway and also the surrounding Scandinavian countries. The Norwegian Forest Feline is long in length, and grows to around 15lb in weight for ladies and 15-20lb for males.

Largest Domestic Cat Species

Below are the list of largest domestic cat species:


The Siberian feline hails from Russia, and also is among the pet cat breeds that are considered to be a great choice for allergy patients, as they create less of the Fel D1 protein that is a typical allergenic trigger in individuals that are prone to it. The Siberian cat is typically taken into consideration to be a durable, chunkily created pet cat, with ladies generally weighing 8-12lb and men approximately an average of 17 lb and occasionally dramatically much more!

The American Bobtail

There are a couple of different selections of Bobtail cat, such as the Japanese, American and Kurilian, although the 3 types are not normally considered to be related. The Bobtail cat’s brief or absent tail comes about due to a genetic anomaly such as is discovered in the Manx cat, causing the development of a stunted tail or no tail at all! Once more, the Manx pet cat is not connected to any of the Bobtail pet cat selections. The American Bobtail is the largest of the Bobtail pet cat kinds, with ladies averaging 7-11lb and males reaching 12-16lb as standard.

Some residential mixed breed cats or moggies may get to similar sizes and also weights to a few of the above mentioned cats, because of an all-natural propensity to being large and also muscle, or perhaps, having a genealogical history related to one of the larger breeds of cats. Nonetheless, if you do not know your pet’s ancestral history, it is particularly essential to check their weight and task degrees. It is vital to make certain that if your pet cat is tipping the range at the heavier end of the spectrum, this results from their all-natural tendency to being muscular or tall; and not merely due to the fact that they are obese and also getting too much food or not sufficient exercise.