Are you looking for F1 Savannah cat for sale? Savannahs are very hard to breed. It takes several years and great deals of cash to acquire and raise a Serval with several queens. Out of these queens, few will go on to produce litters. Savannahs are unusual. Thus, they are pricey appropriately.

Lots of individuals attempt this cross. However, just a couple of breeders worldwide has had success. Years of time and cash have typically been purchased what seems to be the impossible. While a couple of very first generation Savannahs exist global, the need for these unique appeals is significant.

These prices are simply an estimate of the various generations we provide. This may give you a much better

concept of what you are looking for your pet. Each Savannah Cat & African Serval is priced according to the look quality depending on TICA Standards. All costs go through changes depending on the quality as the kitten grows. Shipping or delivery is readily available upon demand. Some shops have successfully delivered to all 5 continents and accept all the main credit card.

F1 Savannahs

Male: Starting at $12,000

Female: Starting at $12,000

F2 Savannahs

Male: $5,000-$ 12,000 Savannah Love

Female: $5,000-$ 16,000

F3 Savannahs

Male: $2,500-$ 6,000

Female: $2,500-$ 8,000

F4 Savannahs SBT Savannah Kitten Pose.

Male: $1,500-$ 4,000.

Female: $1,500-$ 5,000.

F5 Savannahs

Male: $1,200-$ 8,000

Female: $1,200-$ 3,500

SBT Savannahs

F5 Savannah Kitten

Male: $1,200-$ 8,000

Female: $1,200-$ 3,000

All costs are diverse depending upon TICA Standard quality of each cat. All prices undergo change and settlement.

F1 Savannah Cat Price

How much is the F1 savannah cat price? F1 Savannahs are unusual and expensive. The preliminary cross between a Serval and domestic cat is tough, due to the vast size differences between the two felines as well as because of the differences in gestation durations in between rare and domestic cats (65 days for domestics, 66-77 days for Servals). As a result, kittens are often born early and need special all time caring.

States, counties, and cities vary in their laws and policies. There are some states where Savannahs are not legal and other states where just specific generations are enabled. You must examine your state, county, and city laws before you buy your Savannah kitty. Keep in mind that even if your State permits hybrids, your regional laws may have more stringent rules that will override State regulations.

The International Cat Association (TICA) is the only feline windows registry that will accept Savannahs or other hybrids. You can find out more about TICA and ways to register your Savannah at If your breeder doesn’t register your kitty cat for you, you should receive a ‘blue slip’ with it when it arrives that you can send into TICA to register the kitty cat with a name of your choosing. The kitten will have the breeder’s cattery name as part of its authorized name per TICA method.

F1 Savannah Cat For Sale UK

Here are the details about the F1 savannah cat for sale UK. Beginning in 2012, Omar & Tahirah, who founded Savannah Catz one in the UK, with the purchase of their two F1 Savannah felines, they then acquired other generations to enhance the savannah type as best as we perhaps could.

They are Tica signed up and all their cats their pk def (NN) and regularly tested for virus’ and illness. They are raised around children in a caring family environment and with access to an enormous outside play area.

Understand that their costs can vary depending upon the quality and pedigree of the kitty cat. Kitties bought for breeding will be a greater price and only considered on application.

Savannah cats are challenging to breed and regulate a reasonably high price. If you are ever provided a Savannah at a price that seems substantially more affordable than that of other Savannah breeders, this typically means it is too great to be true. There are a variety of rogue sites that will provide Savannah felines at these lowered rates but you will often find that you need to pay in advance and will likely never get your cat!

F1 Savannah Cat For Sale Michigan

Here are the info about the F1 savannah cat for sale Michigan. A Wild Side is a TICA official registered cattery with both domestic and wild animals animal welfare experience in Michigan. Their mission is to maintain the stability of this beautiful breed through producing remarkable Savannahs for certified, identified houses as delighted and healthy, very socialized pets; and for competition in TICA cat programs. They make every effort to bridge an exotic; the only Savannah looks from Serval to the SBT level. If you are from Michigan, contact them for your first F1 Savannah animal.

F1 Savannah Cat For Sale Missouri

Here are the useful information about the F1 savannah cat for sale Missouri. Savannah Rose Cats is signed up with TICA and located in Missouri. The price of a Savannah will be different depending on the quality of the individual cat. Their Savannahs will be separately priced based upon gender, fertility, generation and other elements. Their expense will be noted with their photos.

Greater percentage Savannahs (F1’s and F2’s) are uncommon and hard to breed. It takes long time and luck to mate a Serval with a domestic cat. Just a couple of breeders worldwide has actually achieved success.

Following are typical price ranges for PET kitties, breeders are rated higher:

F1’s will range from $10,000 – $22,000

F3’s will vary from $2500 – $3500

SBT will vary from $1000 -$ 3000

F1 Savannah Cat For Sale In Malaysia

Here are the other details about the F1 savannah cat for sale in Malaysia. Malsavannahs starting 2012, they will reproduce this incredible Hybrid breed to Malaysian and Asian. MalSavannahs Cattery is registered with TICA, and they’re honored to be the very first breeder in Malaysia and their kittens are the first born in Asia. Their foundation Queens and Stud are originating from the line of the world famous A1 Savannahs.

They wish to be the very first Savannahs breeder in the Asian region. Their family is cat’s lover, and they dedicated their life simply to be around their felines. Their Savannahs will join their cattery by the end of 2011 phase by phase and ideally, they’ll have a few F3, F4 and SBT’s next year. They have a close relationship with recognized breeders from US and UK, thanks to them they manage to get their awarded and exceptional Savannahs breeders.

In conclusion, costs differ depending upon where you remain in the World. Also just like numerous things you do get what you spend for with the better breeders. There is a guide below as to what you must expect to pay for Savannahs in 2016. This is just a guide and keep in mind if the price sounds too excellent to be real, it probably is!. There are price distinctions in colors; the costs are based on high Brown spotted cats. Silvers will be more. Black noses are also preferred although many Servals do not have solid black noses.